Jeanette Yoffe One Woman Play

4/12, 4/13 8:00pm  | “WHAT’S YOUR NAME, WHO’S YOUR DADDY?”

A poignant story of a woman who turned her tale of foster care and adoption by a Jewish family into a heart-rending play. A courageous performer and energetic storyteller she brings life’s complex issues of identity, strength, character and charm to the stage. We experience what it must have been like to grow up “adopted.” The audience is taken on a beautiful journey which explores self-identity, the importance of family and the search for self. We follow her path and realize we are all in a constant search despite our experiences.

In a world that sheds darkness for many abandoned children, Jeanette sheds light. She shares both harsh reality and inspiration down roads that are universal in their truths. She instills that love has no boundaries. Her story is rich with wit and humor, whether it’s auditioning for a family or being brought in for a line-up, it is spiced with the trials of a young girl’s journey into adulthood.

What’s Your Name, Who’s Your Daddy? is the odyssey of one adoptee who challenges us to laugh, to cry and to go inside our own souls and explore the beauty and courage we all encompass in ourselves.