Submissions are open for the 2021 VIRTUAL Celia Center ARTS FEST Featuring:


FOSTER CARE AWARENESS MONTH … LIVE and Pre-recorded Submissions wanted… utilizing the EXPRESSIVE ARTS…


  • “What does Foster Care mean to you….?”
  • “What image, word, or story do you want to make a statement with…?”
  • “If you wrote a poem… what would you say?”
  • “If you wrote a song… what would the lyrics be?”
  • “If you filmed something, could you make a collage of your foster journey OR could you film an expressive dance piece?”




“It’s not that you express, it’s that you explore the journey with your expression.”
~ Jeanette Yoffe, Former Foster Youth and Founder of Celia Center Arts Festival

We are Seeking Creative Artists Ages 13+

We are looking for paintings, sketches, photographs, sculpture, film, poetry, jewelry, any piece of art created by foster youth “showing the experience”.

Artists’ pieces will be on display in the VIRTUAL exhibit at our LIVE EVENT on Saturday, May 15th.

Along with the application below, please provide jpegs, mp3, mp4, and/or a website and/or photos of the piece(s) of art being submitted.
DEADLINE: MAY 10th, 2021.

No PHYSICAL ART will be received. We are accepting digital submissions only.

***You may submit anonymously. Please write Anonymous for your last name.

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    Please read these Exhibit Conditions of the Festival

    If you have a PDF of a performance to send, please send it via your local email program by clicking here. Everyone should please also continue with this online submission form. Enter the web address of a YouTube, Vimeo, or web page the clearly shows any work that you wish to submit for consideration. (optional)

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    Briefly describe yourself, your area of art, and ask any questions you may have. (No links or HTML here, please. Use the URL boxes, above, to send links that show your work. Thanks!)