We are Seeking Creative Artists Ages 13+ Who have experienced Foster Care

We are looking for paintings, sketches, photographs, sculpture, film, poetry, jewelry, any piece of art created by foster youth “showing the experience”.

  • “What does Foster Care mean to you….?”
  • “What image, word, or story do you want to make a statement with…?”
  • “If you wrote a poem… what would you say?”
  • “If you wrote a song… what would the lyrics be?”
  • “If you filmed something, could you make a collage of your foster journey OR could you film an expressive dance piece?”

Artists’ pieces will be on display in the VIRTUAL exhibit at our LIVE EVENT on Saturday, May 15th.

Along with the application below, please provide jpegs, mp3, mp4, and/or a website and/or photos of the piece(s) of art being submitted.

DEADLINE TO SUBMIT: April 30th, 2021.